Never Felt Better + 4

It comes as no surprise to most that I like to shop. I don’t get crazy about it, don’t put myself in debt buying shit I can’t afford [anymore]. I try to buy unique pieces from sometimes obscure and mostly independent sites. Tonight, I’m sharing one of these sites with you.

Never Felt Better hosts adorable hand-made accessories. Adorable. Peep these earrings I just bought!

Cute, I know. Homegirl Jen does a great job. And you can shop on here all day without breaking the bank. Those earrings up there cost me ten dollars! A serious steal when you’re an admitted consumer whore like myself.

But wait! I have link bait for guys, too!

Fixed Gear Finds is a blog for boy stuff. Some of the stuff is a little too I’m-Indie-So-Therefore-I’m-Better-Than-You for my tastes, but I did stumble upon Oddica tees through FGF, which are kind of cool. Of course Palmer Cash is always a winner. My favorite men’s tee at Palmer Cash right now is the Frank Zappa Radio Clyde replica.

I’m sure there’s some a-hole out there who hates both my picks but I’m still toying with quitting my day job and answering one of those personal shopper SPAM emails that I get eight times a day.

Jam of the Day: Cary Brothers, Ride


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