Lame Link Bait du Jour

I have a cat. A lot of people think that’s weird. I don’t.

I’m also not one of these people who find it imperitive to have lots of cats; one will suffice, thank you. I tend not to be that cool with other people’s cats, especially if they like to bite or piss on things. I equate my feelings about cats to what I anticipate will be my feeling about kids: I like my own but can be weirded out by other people’s.

That said, Burrito passed along a site today that, in name alone, made me laugh.

Without further ado, I give you:

Hey. I told you it was lame. Or didn’t you read the post title? 🙂

Jam of the Day: Interpol, Evil


2 responses to “Lame Link Bait du Jour

  1. I feel the same way about dogs, I generally dislike dogs…except my own. She’s an angel.

  2. I see your dog has yet to cause a “pussy eye infection.” 🙂

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