Welcome to Pleasureland

The Bregar was right. We have another addition to the Top Ten Worst Album Covers of All Time.

He and Fantast spotted Gunther’s album, “Pleasureland” at Best Buy this afternoon. I wish I could tell you that the album cover is as bad as it gets, but unfortunately the horror continues at Gunthernet.com where you can enjoy such exciting extras as ringtones and videos.

I made the mistake of trying to watch “Teeny Weeny String Bikini” at work this afternoon. So if you’re reading this at work, click that little link up there from the privacy of your own laptop. Not like you need that humiliation. I haven’t watched “The Ding Dong Song” yet, and I don’t intend to. I’ve never been keen on skinny moustaches and banana hammocks.

This guy surely has to be a joke. The ‘stache. The mullet. The aviators. The Ooh la la’s. The gay dancing boys.

Nevermind. The Hoff had a legit music career outside of the U.S. It is possible.

[8.11.2006]: The Bregar just spotted this review of Gunther’s album, “Pleasureland.” Here, the reviewer talks about “The Ding Dong Song”:

I had a hard time deciphering the lyrics after being whipped into an ecstacy fueled dance frenzy by the opening song, but if my ears aren’t mistaken, I believe this song is about the notoriously delicious Hostess treats of the same name. Or maybe it’s about his poon, I’m not sure.

You find sexy? I kiss you?

[photo courtesy of justin bregar]


3 responses to “Welcome to Pleasureland

  1. PleasureMAN. He’s bringing the ultra-sexy life to the entire world, dontchaknow?

    And you forgot the fake tan (along with the mullet, molester ‘stache, aviators, etc.).

    Günter is the shizzle.

  2. And yes, I did go there and üsë thë ümlät.

  3. “…bringing the ulta-sexy.” Love it. By the way, did you watch that video til its end? Because he totally strips naked and runs into the water with two girls. It’s awkward because:

    A. No one gets naked in a music video
    B. He seems to flirt dangerously with homosexuality (The dancing boys in spandex…damn.)

    Good use of “special characters”, jb. High marks across the board today. 🙂

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