It Went Pear-Shaped

I met a cute charming delectable Aussie last night.

He asked what brought me to Denver. I gave him the short version: ready to get out of the Midwest and a boyfriend suggested Denver.

“Do you still have him?”
“The boyfriend.”
“Oh, no.”
“No, not sorry at all actually. It, uh, just…”
“Went pear-shaped.”

I think “it went a bit pear-shaped” is one of the loveliest expressions. Because it’s not vulgar or offensive and places no blame on any individual party:

‘It went pear-shaped’ is used in modern English to signify a comedic fiasco or similar disaster. In almost every circumstance, it refers to an undertaking or project that resulted in failure, but caused no grievous harm to anyone involved. Further, it provides a gentle suggestion that the fiasco was a result of nature and beyond the control of any specific individual.

I dreamt of pears last night.


2 responses to “It Went Pear-Shaped

  1. i also enjoy…
    Reminds me of a relationship i’m involved in…

  2. Yeah. I think it’s just perfect. We’ll have to discuss over some beverage next weekend…

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