Figured It Out

In my defense, I haven’t felt this way for awhile, so I had a tough time distinguishing the difference.

Sad is one thing. One can be bummed out for a short period of time, but spirits tend to be lifted quickly by a hug, a friend or a good tune. But the nagging undercurrent of blah, the pang in the bottom of the stomach cavity that refreshes itself every time one opens their eyes–that’s grief.

This is not to say that this, my current state of grief, is anything to really gripe about; I’ve had worse. But as I was running around town tonight, I found it interesting that even when I wasn’t thinking about the situation(s), I could still feel it. The feeling of churned crap never went away.

Then I reread a recent post from The Assimilated Negro and remembered that Nicole Richie is dying. And I was granted a small reprieve.

Jam of the Day: Phoenix, Rally


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