Got a New Style, Watch Out Now!

rad art courtesy of the awesome Apak

I was going to post about something that happened at work today, but my friend and teammate Burrito already tapped that ass. Rodeo style, even. Not that I’m surprised. (Asparagus, anyone?)

The subject: The Power of Passionate People

When compared with my friends and family members, I’m probably the only working person who enjoys going to their job. That’s not to say I’m addicted-to-crack-happy every day to go…hey. I said it was a job, remember? 🙂

But I’m no idiot. It’s incredibly rare to feel passionate about what you do for a living. I find it strange that I spend any spare time at all improving my skill set or thinking of ways to improve our business practices. But mostly I find it amazing that I get to co-create with other passionate people, who, even when discouraged, rally behind what’s right and put in time and resources outside of work to make those right things happen.

It’s this type of stuff that lifts me up when The Man’s got me down. It’s also this type of stuff that leads me to believe I’ll never work another bullshit job again. You know, the unfulfilling, unrewarding, unremarkable kind.

Call me spoiled if you like. But I doubt you’ll ever catch me working a job that makes me miserable.

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[Special jam dedication to my Sky Blue comrades]: Ice Cube, Check Yo Self


2 responses to “Got a New Style, Watch Out Now!

  1. Oh come on, I love my job. My boss is a bit of an asshole sometimes tho.

  2. Yeah; I imagine his tendency to work without pants is kind of creepy too. 🙂

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