The Lighter Side

Everyone’s starting school this week. I’ve been out for awhile, but it still seems strange, like I should be nursing a hangover (“Man, seriously. I’m not touching tequila for the rest of the year”), awkwardly finding my discussion rooms and reviewing syllabi like everyone else.

My brother starts his sophomore year tomorrow; tonight I asked him what classes he’s taking.

“I’m taking Intro to Bio, Intro to Econ, Comp 1, and Death and Dying.”
“Death and Dying?”
“Sounds depressing.”
“What’s it about?”
“You’re so stupid, Megan.”



2 responses to “The Lighter Side

  1. Feel good your brother is a step ahead of this sophomore:)

    My classes start tomorrow and as it stands, I’m enrolled in zero classes at the moment.


  2. Oh, I do feel good about it. He’s never been too enthused about school.

    I shouldn’t get parental and tell you to sign up for classes because without a degree you could end up like this guy…but…you should. 🙂

    Just find something you like. Then after graduation find a way to make money at it. 🙂

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