I Still Got Nazi Bullets In My Ass

Go see Little Miss Sunshine.

Go see it. Now. Check out theatre locations and movie times and just do it. I know movie tickets are getting expensive, but it’ll be the best money-for-film transaction you’ve made so far this year.

Now go. Life is getting shorter and that means one less viewing of this great film.

Ah. I’m so in love.

[Jam of the Day:] Sufjan Stevens, No Man’s Land


3 responses to “I Still Got Nazi Bullets In My Ass

  1. oh, they do that horse shit every weekend.

    hope you got off the couch and enjoyed a beer this weekend- you should put a link on your myspace page to this. cuz i’m lazy. and it’s really all about me.


  2. Aw, that’s sweet, honey. Where’s your grandpa?


    Eric, don’t you know I only keep a MySpace page to troll for new boyfriends? Gosh.

  3. ahhh honesty. smells like pickles.
    my grandpa, that is.

    soooo… what are you trying to say? no link?

    OH! riiiight. riiight. right.

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