In A Manner of Speaking

At lunch today, our friend E made a very astute observation, which he seemingly pulled out of thin air:

“People are…people are crazy, man.”

“Yeah,” we said, “they are.”

So I’m comparing flights this evening for a trip next week, and I’m down to two airlines. And this is the honest-to-Christ internal monologue that goes down:

Hmm. Airline A has less than desirable return flights. Oh, Airline B has two great return flights.

[Studies the name of Airline B for note-taking purposes.]

Oh, hell no. Crazy people run these jets into buildings. A it is!

It’s not right, I tell you. And I know I’m paranoid and whatever. But statistically speaking–and I know–I took that shit twice–A is a much safer bet.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find some wood to knock on since I’ve just good and jinxed myself.


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