New Music Tuesday: Camera Obscura

My friend Peter and I do this New Music Tuesday thing a few times a month; we swap music (that’s new to us, not necessarily “new” by industry standards) and jam out in our respective cubes.

Peter’s gone this week, so I’ll share my New Music Tuesday pick with you all.

The band’s name is Camera Obscura, and they’re fantastic. And Scottish. Retro, 60’s pop/rock is how most reviewers describe it…definitely old school charm with new school class. I really dig it, and apparently everyone else does too; they’re rocking four and a half stars courtesy of iTunes on their last two albums: Underachievers Please Try Harder (2004) and the latest effort, Let’s Get Out of This Country. You can peep some tracks on their MySpace page, if the iTunes 30-second samples aren’t doing it for you.

Oh, how I loathe that I’m linking to MySpace.

Anyway, honorable mention goes to What Made Milwaukee Famous, which I’ve grown to love, courtesy of my dear friend, Burrito Bennett. Muchos gracias, amigo. Te quiero, me gusta tequila, etc.

Check out the tunes and let me know what you think. Or don’t. I’m fine with that. I linked to MySpace and am therefore unworthy of comments.

[Jam of the Day]: Camera Obscura, If Looks Could Kill


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