When Features Go Too Far: Facebook

Yes, I use Facebook. I told you about that concession months ago. But after their recent “improvements,” I doubt I’ll keep using it.

They’ve added a plethora of features, including a “news feed” that essentially tracks every move Facebook members make.

I log in and see a clusterfuck of who declined which RSVP, who is now friends with whom, who added new photos, who added what comments on whose profile, what time homegirl changed her “status”, what she changed it to, and whose leg she dry humped the night before. It’s too much.

It’s so in depth, in fact, I can’t even take a screenshot to show you. Unless I had no qualms about sharing all my friends’ information. Which I do. Because I have tact.

Apparently I’m not the only one rebelling against the new features. Groups have cropped up all over, entitled, “I Want My Old Facebook Back,” “The New Facebook Changes Are A Stalker’s Handbook,” “I Hate The Crap They Added to Facebook,” and now there’s an official petition to Facebook against the “news feed.”

And, because I can see the status of everyone and their mother, I can tell you that just about everyone’s status has been changed to read things like, “Facebook needs to get out of my business. I give them a week to change it and I’m out,” “Wondering if Facebook signed an agreement with the government,” and “Wondering what kind of crack the Facebook team is smoking. Features gone too far, friends.”

Yeah. That last one was me.

Due to these new enhancements, Facebook has officially earned my Creepy Fuck Award. Way to give MySpace a run for their money, jackasses.

I’ll be interested to see if how quickly they change their stalker ways. They should get in touch with the folks at Creating Passionate Users if they want a chance to rise from the ashes.

Until next time, act like you’ve got some sense.

[Jam of the Day]: Camera Obscura, Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken

[UPDATE]: The blogosphere has begun to roar:


[UPDATE 9.8.06]: Facebook responds. Here’s what I saw upon logging in tonight (ahem, follwed by a redonkulously detailed news feed of what time my friends wiped their asses. Click to enlarge, etc.):

It’s a good move by Zuckerberg, albeit a tad late. But I’ll save my copywriting/Web usablity critiques for another time/blog.

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