An Unfortunate Happenstance

I spent a couple hours after work running errands, getting items at this place and that, etc.

At my last stop, one of those Get-All-Your-Shit-Here marts, I noticed a smirk slowly spread across the face of the cashier as he rang up my items. As I got out my bank card to pay, I noticed the girl behind me couldn’t stop staring at my items either.

Surely, I thought, they’ve seen a person buy condoms before.

It wasn’t until I got home and unpacked my bag from said mart that I noticed the anomalousness of the other items I purchased with the condoms:

3 bottles of Vitamin Water (buy two, get one free)
My cat’s favorite toy, affectionately labeled “The Feather Teaser”
1 Kashi Go Lean energy bar

Now if you’ll excuse me, the well-hydrated menagerie is waiting. (Turns head to left and vomits.)

[Jam of the Day]: Interpol, C’mere


5 responses to “An Unfortunate Happenstance

  1. well, at least someone’s gettin’ laid.
    good for you.
    and your cat.


  2. Is anomalousness really a word?

    And yeah. Congrats on the need for the rubbers. *lol*

  3. Thanks for your support, guys. 🙂

    And here’s your helpful link from for “anomalousness.” It’s not my favorite word in the world, but I was too busy with the menagerie to change it last night.

  4. Kudos for a girl taking the initiative to provide the condoms. Whoever uses any of those will be really fuckin pleased that they were complimentary. I mean it takes two, right?

  5. It absolutely takes two, I don’t care what the situation is.

    And yes, my cat is ecstatic. No comment on the other. 🙂

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