The Only Living Girl at the Geekfest

Well, I’m not the only girl. But I’m one of probably 15 out of 800 or so conference attendees. I’m currently in San Francisco at The Future of Web Apps Conference. Its lunch time right now. A sizeable portion of the attendees are currently embarking upon the “walking Star Wars tour” that’s being offered by the conference.

People here keep asking me what it’s like to be a girl surrounded with all these guys. Nerdy guys at that. I tell them that I’m no stranger to Boys Club and they laugh like I’ve just said something delightfully witty.

On the upside, however, I don’t have to wait in line for the bathroom. There aren’t even any girls in the bathroom when I go in. It might be the most remarkable bathroom experience I’ve had since, well, college.

More from San Francisco later. For now I’ve got to determine a way to politely move away from the guy next to me, who has apparently forgotten what personal space is. And privacy. Yes, sir. I’m talking about you. Now stop reading my damn blog or I’ll put it out on the Intarweb for all to see.




2 responses to “The Only Living Girl at the Geekfest

  1. It’s a bit disappointing that there wasn’t more diversity at this conference. The future of webapps is really all about building communities and servicing those communities with really great software. Ted Rheingold did a fantastic job driving this point… but otherwise, what do we all really know about building a community if our own community is so devoid of diversity?

  2. Totally agree with you, Joseph. Really had to choke down the irony [and maybe hypocrisy?] when Rheingold pointed out the obvious.

    Perhaps I’ll make a few more annotations on the subject after I get back to Denver.

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