It’s Right There…In Front of Your Eyes

I called my mom for her birthday today. Invariably, as parent-child conversations go, the conversation quickly became about me rather than her.

“Are you feeling any better?” she asked.

Wow, I thought. She’s acknowledging that I’m not exactly on top of my game.

“I think so. I don’t know.”

It was after I said this that she took the phone into another room, away from my dad. Wow, I thought. She’s going to drop some wisdom on my ass. She’s going to say something helpful. What a happy day.

“Well, Megan…” she finally said.
“Maybe you’re low on iron.”
“Maybe your iron level is low.”

Yes. Low iron. I should have thought of that. I should have known that sitting down to a big, heaping plate of red meat would solve my every quandry. Stupid, stupid girl.

[Jam of the Day]: Muse, Starlight

3 responses to “It’s Right There…In Front of Your Eyes

  1. Your sources of iron aren’t in red meat as much as breads, cerial, and pasta. Also fish and poultry are excellent.

  2. Or just eat more TOTAL cereal… that shit’s hooked up with the Fe.

  3. Cereal. I can handle cereal.

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