The Usability Issue I Hadn’t Thought Of

Sometimes, at my place of employment, final copy ends up being reviewed by our customer relations department. (I know…and it makes my brain bleed.)

Today a project manager forwarded me some feedback on a small project from said customer relations folks. The project was a simple computer-generated email telling clients that they needed to verify their contact information before accessing their account goods.

Appropriately, I provided a link to the account log in page, with anchor text reading, “Verify My Contact Info.”

The feedback was mostly unremarkable, except for one astute observation:

“Maybe we shouldn’t give the client a link to their account page. Especially if the client is colorblind, they won’t even see it.”

I vomited, defecated, and bled from the ears. Leaving the remnants of the trifecta at my desk, I shut down my computer and went home early.


3 responses to “The Usability Issue I Hadn’t Thought Of

  1. That is truly AWESOME.

    Next up: Taking on those web sites that dare use VISUAL elements… since ya know, the blind can’t see those either.

    I love the attitude that we wouldn’t want to add something that A) doesn’t detract from the experience for those who can’t use it; and B) will add mucho convenience for those who can.

    Wouldn’t wanna be unfair, eh?

  2. I told you I work with idiots.

  3. Amen, y’all. Amen.

    In other website news, Blogger has expanded its word verification to nine characters. High five.

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