[Creative Title Goes Here]

I got my mail today and found in my box two packages. My dad printed a hundred or so of my photos and sent them to me from his store. I didn’t ask him to. He just did.

And as great as Flickr is, I’d forgotten how gorgeous prints can be. They’re really lovely and I discovered details in my own photos that I wouldn’t have otherwise caught–we’re talking the minutia of every single grain of sand in shots like this.

It wrecked me for a moment, all that clarity.

On an unrelated note, Denver saw its first snow today. I took a few photos this afternoon, but Blogger’s being a buster and won’t let me upload any. But this was my favorite.

This is all for now. Sleepy girl must go have awkward dreams about time zones…schematics…elixers…

[Jam of the Day]: Red House Painters, All Mixed Up

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