Travel-Sized Woes

Acknowledging the fact that I’m a girl and that girls use more face and hair products than boys, I still can’t believe I only get one bloody quart-sized bag in which to put my carry-on ‘liquids and gels’.

And does mascara count as a gel? I guessed yes, since toothpaste has in the past been confiscated. And what about moisturizer? Because first of all, try to find some in a travel size. Just try. Unless you get some sort of free bonus gift, I tell you, they do not exist.

And can I carry on lipstick and lip balm but not gloss? I don’t wear lipstick. And my Carmex is the kind that comes in a tube, so I guess technically it’s a gel.

Why the 3 oz. rule anyway? Can’t I take my three ounces of crap and mix it together with someone else’s three ounces of crap while on board and blow the plane to smithereens? We’ve been lulled into a false sense of security, y’all.

So far I’ve organized most of my necessities to fit in the plastic ziplock bag. But my Purell and bottle of perfume (travel size, no less!) are still sitting on the counter, lonely, and desperately awaiting invitation.

[Jam of the Day]: Pixies, Gigantic


2 responses to “Travel-Sized Woes

  1. where are you traveling?

  2. Yes, the travel restrictions have reached a ridiculous extreme. If someone ever carries exlosives onboard in their afro, they’ll force everyone to shave their heads before boarding!

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