ATHF: Better Than Sex?*

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is easily one of my favorite shows of all time. It’s probably my favorite cartoon ever. Yes, I like it better than South Park. It may even beat out Family Guy by a nose, though I suppose it would depend on the episode.

Anyway, ATHF is starting up again for the season and their [online] ads are cracking me up. With such tag lines as “Click it, bitch” and “Eat It Up, Fatty”, who can resist? I’ve clicked on every ad I’ve seen.

Nice work, Adult Swim. You crazy motherbitches.

*Okay, no…probably not. But it came close with Total ReCarl. And most of season two.


3 responses to “ATHF: Better Than Sex?*

  1. Okay, Megan. Seriously. We have to talk.

    Now, I’ve been popping by your blog because I like your drive. But, here’s the problem: now that I know you love ATHF, this casual enjoyment of your blog may turn into full-blown infatuation.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to the Demon food store to get some food for my Demons. You do know where the Demon food store is don’t you? Its riiiight behind you!!!

  2. The Simpsons are The Beatles of animated television…only better. I think all the shows you listed owe a lot of their success to The Simpsons. Although the last 7 or 8 seasons were not packed with classic episodes, the first 9 or so should be mandatory course work in middle schools nationwide!

  3. Oh, T. Still loving The Simpsons, eh? I like that some things about us never change.

    You have a point in that The Simpsons broke some serious animation ground with their show, however, I’ve never really been a huge fan.

    I only wanted a Bart Simpson shirt when I was a kid because it had a swear word on it (“I’m Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?”) and after someone gave me the shirt it became contraband material (psssh, parents)…but I digress.

    There have been plenty of humorous moments over the years (and yet, I can’t think of one example…), but my feeling is that The Simpsons has gotten progressively unamusing with each new season. And I’ve spent some serious time watching it…for two years I dated a guy who’s every sentence started with, “[Laugh] This one time on The Simpsons…” (Which, granted, is probably much of the reason why I don’t like the show.)

    At the end of the day, The Simpsons always falls flat for me. And draw all the floundering idiot comparisons you want between Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin…but there seems to be a little more subtance to The Family Guy by way of witty (versus slackjaw)dialogue. I’d argue the same for ATHF, even in spite of its total freak randomness.

    But…I should point out that I’d sit and watch a marathon of The Simpsons while simmering in a vat of yellow mustard any day before I watched an episode of King Of The Hill. Ack.

    I’m thrilled we’re having some serious discourse about cartoons though–really and truly. Except for Tim J who had to leave a SPAM comment(which I deleted). Grr. SPAM comments make me cranky.

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