We’ll Take Care of You, Dear

“Yeah, well you write…you can do what you do from anywhere. Right?”
“I guess…technically, yeah.”
“So will you stay here after your lease is up?”
“Ah…I don’t know, I suppose so.”
“For a whole ‘nother year?”

This is how you kill a good beer buzz. This is how you elevate the anxiety of a person who’s so noncommittal she’s unsure if could commit a third year of her life to Colorado, but so committal she knows leaving now would be the wrong thing to do.

So kill her beer buzz. Send her home early. This way she goes to sleep without thinking, without feeling, without questioning, without analyzing every single move she makes.

[Jam of the Day]: PCU, Something Good


3 responses to “We’ll Take Care of You, Dear

  1. I personally try to avoid life conversations when having drinks with folks. It’s very slippery terrain.

  2. Agreed.

    I was thinking about things today and, in general, I’m pretty disheartened with folks’ lack of etiquette these days. The parent who doesn’t correct their disrespectful kid at the grocery store, the girl talking about how much money she makes, the guy asking a near-stranger who she voted for just to make conversation…

    Just sort of appalling, no?

  3. Don’t get me started on parenting. The more your child frequents children, the more you realise just how good of a job you’re doing.

    I’m obviously taking the positive, glass-is-half-full approach here.

    But the whole money thing, I don’t understand. In an old job, I used to work for a market research firm and do telephone surveys. When payday would come around, people would sit around the employee’s lounge and show each other their pay stubs. That just boggled my mind. They’d ask me “So, got big one this week?” I’d try to be as dismissive as possible. I think they thought I was an oddball.

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