Idea Of Us

Broken, tired, beat up, defeated
Can’t figure out
How you’re still coming through my door
Long after I retreated

I don’t love you, baby
And you don’t love me
It was just the idea of us
The idea that told us maybe

[Photo from Flickr under Creative Commons license]:


4 responses to “Idea Of Us

  1. jazzy stuff. i dig it.

  2. you’re brilliant — and I can not do what you do. but in the name of friendly banter —

    you start with four words: Broken, tired, beat up, defeated

    (1) all four sort of say the same thing, no? were you looking to do something with the repitition?

    (2) I guess the ol’ phrase is “show don’t tell” — seems like you could take this to another level if you could come up with a single phrase that creates an image of these four words without using them.

  3. I think I liked it better when this blog lived in obscurity and posts weren’t up for analyzing. 🙂

  4. apologies. simply remember you saying you thrive in a workshop setting and you really miss that — so even though i should be the last person to offer up any comments, still thought I’d throw something out.

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