New Music Tuesday: Amy Winehouse

This New Music Tuesday artist’s latest album is so new, us blimey Americans still have to buy it as an import.

The artist in question is Amy Winehouse, and her new album, Back to Black, is making me crazy. More so because I can’t have it yet.

Truthfully, I checked out her previous Album, Frank*, and wasn’t totally digging it. Especially when compared to her latest effort. It’s the updated motown vibe that grabbed me by the eardrum and sucked me in. The single, Rehab,” which has been released in the UK is solid; I’m also digging the track You Know I’m No Good,” on which she collaborated with Ghostface Killa. But it’s “Me and Mr. Jones” that made me swoon.

Peep the link above to watch the “Rehab” video; check out Winehouse’s site to sample some additional new tracks.

Big hat tip to my lovely friend Marina (and her buddy in the UK) for dropping the knowledge. Even if I’ll be sitting here in suspense until December 14th. 🙂

*If you check out any one track from Frank, it should be “F*ck Me Pumps.”


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