Lots O’ Snow

In case you haven’t heard, Denver’s in the midst of “The Holiday Blizzard of 2006.” And I’m bored out of my goddamned mind.

Like an idiot, I ventured out this morning to get coffee and groceries. I got stuck on the way home, backed up traffic (even worse) and had to get a bump by a lovely police officer who escorted me home. I’ll skip the part where I tell you how I went through all of that only to have my gallon of milk explode in my parking structure.

After all of that, I resigned myself to shopping online, watching copious amounts of Six Feet Under, bugging ish at work, half-napping, and watching the snow. Ella seemed enamoured with it as well.

Let’s just hope the snow slows down before tomorrow. I feel horrible for the poor people stranded at the LightRail station next to my apartment. I could also use a break in blizzard news coverage. It’s been going strong since 5AM. I mean…what’s left to say? It’s snowy, no one can go anywhere, it’s almost Christmas, and it sucks. Done. Now please return to the regularly scheduled programming. I was really looking forward to watching The People’s Court.


3 responses to “Lots O’ Snow

  1. hmmmm don’t really know how to repsond [misspelling due to some wine]: i secretly miss snow. it’s a 40-degree low in Santa Barbara & I hear people over & over say “it’s freezing here!”. & a white Xmas in iowa looks quite unlikely 😦
    i AM thankful, however, that i didn’t book tix through Den on my way to IA.

    Hang in there & stay warm, megs.

  2. Yeah, I feel you there. Some snow is good. Two feet of snow, however, not so good.

    Happy Holladays, Boog. Have safe travels and we’ll catch up soon.

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