Fave Links: 04 Jan 2007

My two favorite links today couldn’t be more different. Unless you start thinking about the circle of life song from South Park.

Anyway, link number one came from my weird web site of the day calendar (Big ups to Burrito for the gift). I present you with Modern Mummification. I assume that at first blush, you won’t be sure what to be more confused by–that suppository looking thing in the left-hand corner or the freaky teddy bear (“Mummy Bear”) in the right.

I encourage you to browse the site a bit. You might be surprised to learn that it costs $67,000+ for them to yank your brains out through your nostril. Pretty incredible. And don’t forget to hit the photo gallery for the extra creep factor. If that doesn’t do it for you, you can always visit Summum’s site for kids. The whole “humans as caterpillars” thing is kind of gross:

Humans are a lot like caterpillars. We greedily gobble up natural resources in order to satisfy our desire for happiness. Summum Modern Mummification gives humans the ability to go through a transfiguration much like the metamorphosis of the caterpillar. We can choose to be responsible with life by taking good care of our death. By preserving our bodies we give our essence all the time it needs to find a new home. And we can freely explore the heaven worlds as deities, feeding from the nectars of Creation and assisting other beings in their evolution out of time and space.


Once you’ve been sufficiently creeped out (and need a reprieve), head over to NopeItsSoap.com. Yep. It’s soap that looks like poop. Only it smells like coffee. Go figure. Something tells me the Sprinkle Brigade would be offended.


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