Want To Multiply?

I don’t have much for you today.

I sat in meetings from 9 this morning until 4:30 this afternoon, and all my brain power was spent fighting the involuntary movements of my closing eyelids.

I should make an addendum to yesterday’s New Music Tuesday post…except that it’s Wednesday now, so I’ll just make quick mention of it here. Which is that Expo86 reader, Mark, slipped me the new Shins album (Wincing The Night Away) today (which is set to drop on January 23rd), and it’s awesome. Based upon the first few listens, I think I’ll enjoy this more than Chutes Too Narrow.

So….yeah. If you don’t have a Mark in your life to share these kinds of musical previews with you, I’m sorry. But be sure to pick this album up come January 23rd.

I’d post an image to the album cover art (so you knew what to look for), but to tell you the truth it grosses me out beyond belief. If you know me, then you probably know about my weird pattern complex (WPC) and will understand. If not…well. You know the alphabet. And the “S” section tends to be pretty populous at most record stores.

[Jam of the Day]: The Shins, Australia

Oooh, golly this is a goody.

One response to “Want To Multiply?

  1. I hope this blog and you know how beautiful you are.

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