Syph Nurse Plays The Sax!

I have a good feeling that habitual readers of Expo86 are music and/or pop culture fans. Which is why I’m posting this interesting bit that may take a minute to explain. I think it’ll be worth it.

Back in May I posted about JOLEX, a band made up of two old friends of mine. The pair are brothers, living in LA and doing, as far as I’m concerned, some pretty good stuff.

Over Christmas, JOLEX came home to Cedar Falls, Iowa and played a live show. I couldn’t get home for Christmas and was upset about it for multiple reasons. Those reasons were compounded by handfuls of emails and phone calls from friends and family giving me shit over missing the JOLEX show in our very own hometown.

However, the email I got from my Dad a couple weeks before Christmas contained some choice details about the show:

[…] JOLEX is playing with a brother and sister duo from New Hampton (Iowa). He plays the drums and she plays the sax. She is an actress and has appeared on Grey’s Anatomy. Her claim to fame is that she is the Syphilis Lady. I don’t know what that means, but I figured you would.

That’s right, y’all. Syph Nurse is: A) from the Hawkeye State, and B) plays the sax!

Obviously, both Christmas and the show came and went. And I sorta forgot all about it until this morning when I checked out some live tracks from said show. On a whim, I peeped the photos, and Oh, Holy God, is that the Syph Nurse playing the sax?

Give JOLEX and the Syph Nurse a listen, ahem, on MySpace. 😉

[Jam(s) of the Day]:
JOLEX, We’re Just Stars
Spiritualized, Any Way That You Want Me


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