Bad Idea Jeans: Chocolate Special K

If you’ve been thinking about picking up the new chocolate Special K, don’t.

In a moment of weakness (the ladies all have them), I bought a box at the store last week, thinking they’d be like Cocoa Krispies only better for you and less sugary tasting. If I’d have read the box I’d have left it on the shelf because it’s just regular Special K with “chocolatey pieces” thrown in, as seen here.

Now, in my experience the words “chocolatey” and “pieces”–especially when placed together–means the chocolate’s not really chocolate. If you don’t believe me, just pick up a box of chewable Ex-Lax. I’ll never forget finding a box of it in my grandma’s medicine cabinet when I was a kid and reading the instructions for use, which included chewing “one or two chocolated pieces.” Ew.

Anyway, your taste buds might be fooled into thinking they’re indulging in chocolate once the milk goes on, but your mouth won’t forgive you when it’s injured by one of the chocolatey pieces. I have a welt on the roof of my mouth from being stabbed by one of them, Cool Ranch Dorito-style. And don’t even think about eating the chocolatey pieces without the white stuff. Not good. Not good at all.

I know when your hormones are erratic, Special K Chocolately Delight sounds like a great way to eat healthy and satisfy the chocolate craving. Please trust me when I say, opt for the Vanilla Almond Special K and swing by the candy isle for a bag of snack-size Dove chocolates. You can have two pieces with a glass of skim milk for about the same amount of fat & calories. Take a vitamin for the extra calcium and call it good.

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