Pod People Took Over My Flickr Account

…And I’m not too happy about it. I’m not sure what in photography’s name is going on, but there are some photos appearing in my photo sets that totally aren’t my photos.

This past weekend I found some photos from my trip to San Francisco on an old memory card. I just uploaded a few and upon viewing them noticed that my photo of some of us lunching had turned into bald baby with its mouth wide open. (Yes, I appreciate the irony.)

I did not, however, find this at all amusing. It was suppose to be a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge:

What the fuck? I think smoking’s a bad habit but Jesus.

Furthermore, one of my favorite photos (“Beware: Pickpockets and Loose Women” from Vesuvio) turned into a pixelated naked soccer player.

With a dozen screwy photos in my San Fran set, there’s bound to be others. My apologies…I’ll try to get it sorted out tonight. Anyone who has suggestions, don’t be shy in offering ’em up.

[UPDATE]: I guess Flickr has a booger. Hopefully the jar babies will soon rid themselves of my page. How awful.

[UPDATE 2]: Photos are back to normal, and those who didn’t read this last night are now very curious about the jar babies comment.


2 responses to “Pod People Took Over My Flickr Account

  1. I didn’t get to see the naked soccer player….

  2. Oh, that’s unfortunate. He was quite well-endowed. We’ll have to find us another nude soccer player for ogling soon. 🙂

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