I Park Like An Idiot [dot] com

Big hat tip to one of my besties for enlightening me with IParkLikeAnIdiot.com.

I know this isn’t saying much about my day, but meeting this site’s acquaintance was quite the highlight.

I was thinking earlier that I don’t know if I could actually put a sticker on someone’s car. Then I recalled a period of time during my senior year in high school when I used to walk through parking lots and yank off those annoying Hardee’s (Carl’s Jr. to y’all western U.S. folks) star-shaped car antennae toppers. I had pure disdain for those things for reasons still unknown. (But my wikipedia search reminded that I totally had all of these guys as a kid. That skateboard-riding bunny was my fave.)

So. Yeah. Don’t park like an idiot. šŸ™‚

[Jam of the Day]: The Lucksmiths, The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco


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