The Importance of Proximity

I had this great friend in college. When I was feeling something I didn’t want to feel, she’d drag her blankets and pillows from across the hall and sleep on my bedroom floor.

All night.

Because when you’re feeling something you don’t want to feel, you want to grab whatever sleep you can in a place that’s familiar to you. And somehow, said friend understood that in between those brief periods of slumber where the feeling you don’t want to feel comes rushing back, you don’t want the semblance of being all alone in the world.

Though living together turned out to be the proverbial mold that slowly gnawed away at four years of history, I think of that gesture from time to time. And I think of the nights I spent in her four-poster bed trying to return the favor, to make it better by being near.

That, I think, is love.

[Jam of the Day]: MX Missiles


3 responses to “The Importance of Proximity

  1. MX Missiles is in my top 5 all-time favorite songs.

    “I thought you were a life-sized paper doll
    propped up in the hardware store
    propped up on the front lawn watching the parade
    of the legionnaires with 2/4s
    marching off to wars”

    Quality lyrics.

  2. Andrew Bird’s lyrics make me ache. They’re that good. Funny though, because when it comes to MX Missiles, this is my favorite:

    “And now as I would judge and say you’re aloof but you know the truth is a seed you know what you need is a conflagration
    cause when I see the blood and the bits of your broken tooth
    it gives me the proof that I need it’s the proof that you bleed—it’s a revelation.”

    I think this is because, in recent years, I’ve become unconsciously obsessed with seeing the human side of people.

    It’s truly fascinating to me.

  3. What do you think of Armchair Apocrypha? Plasticities is awes. If anyone had any taste, this guy would be the hugest thing in music right now.

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