Them Chickens Is Ash

My brain hurts. My brain is split pea soup.

I’m leaving for Florida at the crack of dawn where, on top of working, I’ll hopefully soak up some much needed Vitamin D and have ample time to plot my happy return to Colorado.

While I’m away, please enjoy the following: [the witty blog of my friend Jeffrey Presley]
BrooklynVegan [to stay on top of indie music happenings]
The Kenya Song [for when you’re feeling rough]
Curél [because them chickens is ash and I’m lotion…and because it’s the best lo-lo on the planet]

Until next time, minimize and moisturize.

[Jam of the Day]: The Police, Roxanne


2 responses to “Them Chickens Is Ash

  1. Jeffrey Presley

    I’m honored (truly), to be mentioned here. Is my need to specify sincerity an indication that I’m drowning in irony and sarcasm? Wasn’t the age of irony supposed to have died a few years ago? That’s probably just an east coast thing that has yet to reach the Mississippi… Well, have a great time in Florida and wear your sunscreen. Remember, vitamin D you can buy for a few dollars in pill form; skin repair is expensive and involves sharp objects, anesthesia, and occasional trips to Venezuela.

  2. i love that you’re plugging Curel on your blog page. Bath & Body Works is no longer your fave “lo-lo”? it’s confirmed: you’re all growed up.

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