How to Survive an Alligator Attack

My Google homepage contains daily how-to tidbits. I would have deleted this from the page altogether if I weren’t obsessed with knowing how to do random thing things–and, most importantly–how to get myself out of unsavory situations. I know how to get out of my car safely if it plunges into a lake (assuming I’m still conscious), and how to get out of my trunk if I somehow wind up in there.

So naturally I was excited about today’s how-to. And I figured you would be too.

How to survive an encounter with an alligator:

Crocodilians–alligators, crocodiles, caimans, and their kin–kill hundreds of people each year. While most of these attacks occur in Africa and Asia, these powerful reptiles are also found in parts of South America, Australia, and the southern United States.

Crocodilians typically do not include humans in their diet, but in truth they will eat just about anything if given the opportunity. They will also defend their territory vigorously, especially during mating season. The best way to stay safe in these animals’ habitat is to give the creatures space and exercise caution around water where they may live. In the event that you are attacked, you may be able to survive if you fight back strategically.

“You may be able to survive if you fight back strategically.”

Thanks a lot. That’s just the kind of survival tip I was looking for.

But truthfully, if any of you are like me, you probably already know that in the event of alligator attack, it’s a good idea to hold its mouth shut: gators lack the jaw strength to open their mouths if you apply pressure to their giant snout. It’s the intense mouth-closing action that can snap your leg like a twig.


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