It is just like a mini mall!

Damn, has it been a week already? In all honesty, it feels like it’s been four. I’m still alive and mostly well. In recent days I’ve come to renewed terms about my job, as well as some other personal ventures, and have embarked on my illustrious return to soccer. **Simultaneously grins and grimaces, looking more like a fit of Bell’s Palsy than any decipherable emotion.**

I’ve got a couple other posts coming, but for now, enjoy the following:

Wine That Loves:
Figuring out what which wine goes with that seafood just got easier.
Yelo NYC: Because Americans need siestas, dammit.
The National Funeral Directors Associaton: For real, or just a shitty SPAM site? (Make sure to peep the rotating images until you get the glamour shot.)
Geography test: It’s not as easy as you think.
The Yips!
My job has me rapidly digressing to the mental status of a third grader. Which might be why I was so psyched to see this Yips (the martians from Sesame Street) video on YouTube. In this clip, the Yips meet the telephone. Moo!

(If you enjoyed that, then you obviously need to watch Ladybug’s Picnic [I almost cried], Ernie Dancing to Sleep, and Lily Tomlin talking about her sandwich …yep, the creepy one in the giant rocking chair.)

It’s just like a mini mall–hey, hey! This has been a fave around the office for two weeks running. Enjoy.

That’ll be all for now. Back to the sofa with some old school Icy Hot: macaroni and frozen yogurt.

[Jam of the Day]: Patsy Cline, Walkin’ After Midnight (One of the sexiest songs ever, in my opinion.)


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