Hold my calls; I’ve got a meeting.

I’m working from home today. Figuring out that my cushy chair fit at my desk was a huge eureka moment for me this morning.

Start the good coffee–not the ulcer-inducing office coffee–crank up the jams, oh my, we’re flying now.

It’s also giving me an opportunity to see what my troublemaker animal does while I’m gone. So far it’s been a lot of tail chasing and sprinting around the apartment wild-eyed and puff-tailed. All very entertaining.

Furthermore, I’ve decided that if I ever decide to change careers, it’ll be for meteorology. So far it’s the only job I’ve found that allows you to spew a bunch of BS and not be held accountable for it. We were supposed to get 5-10 inches of snow in Denver last night (and roughly 100 flights were cancelled yesterday in anticipation). When I woke up this morning there wasn’t a flake to be found. Seriously.

[Jam of the Day]: Andrew Bird, Plasticities


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