Are there any words harder than the ones we just said?

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about money. Having found myself with the opportunity to come into a fair bit of it, it’s caused me to revisit priorities, and seemingly, to put a price on them.

And, initially, when I sat down to type this out, I was going to comment on the sale of Carson Brackney’s blog–he’s selling the domain and the content to the highest bidder. (Which is borderline ludicrous, in my opinion.)

But instead I find myself waxing philosophical. Because, invariably, everything comes with–and at–a price: your beatitude, your distrust, the nocuous feculence dropping from your mouth…there’s a price associated with all of it.

I can tell you that often times, the price of these things is innumerable. It can’t be charted. It can’t be calculated, put in an account somewhere to grow tax-deferred. Which is ironic because these are often the same things for which we feel the deepest loss.

[Jam of the Day]: Lily Allen, Knock ‘Em Out


2 responses to “Are there any words harder than the ones we just said?

  1. Boston Corbett

    Only borderline ludicrous?

    It’s probably beyond that.

    There’s a sick irony in how those who write for living understand that and still volunteer to participate in word commodification.

    Consistency being a hobgoblin, I’ve managed to embrace my inner hypocrite on this one.

    If you’ve fallen into a nice chunk of change, feel free to bid.

    Take care,

  2. Carson,

    I’m glad all of this is not lost on you. Nonetheless, I can’t say I care to throw money on the fire here.

    But I will be watching to see who does. 🙂

    Good luck!

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