Hey, yeah. Are we even friends?

This afternoon at work, a message popped up via MSN Messenger saying that Sonja at [her email address here] had added me as a contact.

“Do you know a Sonja?” I messaged to Burrito, thinking maybe I’d forgotten another new (which would now be old since we haven’t hired anyone in three months) employee’s name.

“Nope. I don’t.”

So I accepted Sonja’s add and promptly IM’d her:

“Hi. Do we know each other?”
[note the lack of pause]
“No, I don’t think so. I work with Jenny Burns in Travel.”

Now, I don’t know anyone by the name of Jenny Burns and I sure as hell don’t know what “Travel” is.

In my medicated state, I considered responding with, “Do you usually add total strangers to your contact list?” A/S/L?

But then I decided Sonja must have been saddened by her short list of MSN Messenger buddies to add a total stranger, whose address she yanked from some FWD::::::IMPRTANT!! PLEEEASE READ having to do with urban legends about deoderant, or sex curses in the form of long droughts.

So, still confused, I blocked her. And Sonja and her friend Jenny Burns in Travel were none the wiser.


2 responses to “Hey, yeah. Are we even friends?

  1. peter-pete! it is laura! i don’t have an email address for you and i want to send you an invite to my wedding- can you email me your address? thanks hoochie 🙂

  2. Hey Peter-Pete! Expo86 to the rescue, eh?

    I think I’ve got your email address somewhere…I’ll dig it out!

    You’re getting married the last weekend in June, yeah?

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