Off with your head: It’ll be great!

The workplace is an odd and often funny arena. (Hence the success of The Office.)

I find particular joy in some of the emails that arrive in my inbox. So for our amusement, I’m going to start sharing excerpts of some of them here.

In accordance, I was amused by this tidbit earlier today. It came from IT:

You’ll find a new folder inside your ‘My Documents’ called either ‘AppData’ or ‘Application Data’ please under no circumstance should you delete this folder or any of its contents. Doing so will reset all your program settings on your computer.

Have a great day.

It’s the ‘Have a great day’ that makes it for me. Don’t touch any of this stuff or your entire world will explode, melting the skin from your face Raiders of Ark-style. But enjoy!

[Jam of the Day]: Death Cab for Cutie, The Sound of Settling


3 responses to “Off with your head: It’ll be great!

  1. Apparently some things never change.

  2. I laughed at that one too.

  3. Indeed. But I did award an extra point for the correct use of “its.” 😉

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