You Are So F’ing Obscene

Good article by Mark Morford last week about the FCC.

Highlights include:

But maybe that’s beside the point. Because as far as Bush’s God-spanked FCC is concerned, it is, always and forever, all about protecting the children. Or rather, it is all about protecting some imaginary Christian Everychild, some sort of perfect hypersheltered dovelike organism made of spun glass and delicate bunny hearts and little golden crucifixes, a fragile, blessed thing whose happy, unblemished life had been completely free of blood or spit or pain right up until he overheard Bono say “f–” at the Golden Globes and his precious virgin heart shattered forever.


See, most people seem to get it: As is always the case in things prurient and dirty and fun, it all comes down to balance. Too many gratuitous f-bombs and you sound juvenile and uneducated and mean. Too few (or too awkwardly placed, or unearned) and you sound prudish and awkward and far too much like, say, Jerry Seinfeld.

Read the whole thing here.


7 responses to “You Are So F’ing Obscene

  1. Spoken like a woman with no kids.

  2. Well that’s mildly disappointing.

    I was hoping the juxtaposition between these two pargraphs would yield the kind of common ground that Morford is getting at: A smart person understands that one can overdo it; to abstain completely has no proven benefit.

  3. Hey, I was mildly disappointed first. I’m surprised you accepted such a blatant strawman argument as support for your view.

    Also, a person with a mighty vocabulary (such as yourself) should admit that such words are never NEEDED. I think that broadcast television has a responsibility to be family-friendly, and as intelligent as you are, your opinion simply can not hold much water if you have no children of your own. Call it disciminatory if you want, but I think speculation cannot replace experience in this case.

    “Too few [f-bombs](or too awkwardly placed, or unearned) and you sound prudish and awkward”

    I’m proud to say I must seem prudish and awkward to Mr. Morford.

  4. Peter, this is Joe, I have not read Megans blog in a while, but I peaked my head in tonight and my thoughts are that you suck. You are prudent, for sure, but that is not the essence of your suckiness. It is the fact you that are trying to relate to family oriented television from your experience as a family man. I am sure that at one point in your life you were not as big of a dork as you are now, but you still must have been a dork. If my comment does not make sense, please call me @ 720-272-9884 and I can explain to you how much you suck at this certain point in life. Your kids will grow up to be IT Personell and everyone will hate them. They will have you to Thank.

  5. Thanks for your input, Joe! Your post time (2:42 AM) along with your spelling, capitalization,
    grammatical and puncuational errors all lead me to believe that you were not at your best while writting your comments.

    I have to say, I don’t understand what you’re going for with this:

    “…that is not the essence of your suckiness. It is the fact you that are trying to relate to family oriented television from your experience as a family man.”

    If you’d like to re-articulate your points, I’m listening.

  6. Correction:

    “Writting” was supposed to be “writing”. I accidentally hit publish when I meant to hit preview. My mistake.

  7. I’ll weigh in here and add the following:

    (1) I should’ve added a bit more of my thoughts/opinions when posting this. I was incredibly hungover on a Sunday and felt the need to post something; this article entertained me.

    (2) I don’t think R-rated shows need to be broadcast on network television. Cussing doesn’t exactly equate to funny or smash-hit drama. I like that mature TV series remain on cable (Sopranos, Six Feet Under); I wouldn’t argue to see nudity and profanity at 7PM on NBC.

    (3) I don’t think name-calling gets you anywhere.

    (4) Peter’s my friend and we can agree to disagree on a lot of things. I’m cool with having friends like that. Who wants a bunch of friends that agree with you all the time? I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting Peter’s offspring on numerous occasions and have to say that I continue to be impressed with the little man. (And his ability to sign “all done,” to his mother when he no longer wishes to be in my presence.) And the little guy’s parents have done a stellar job adapting to parenthood when it may not have been exactly planned.

    When it comes to kids, you can only do what you feel is right and hope for the best. Most of the time it works out for all involved parties.

    What I’m saying is: We all have opinions and I like that everyone shares them. But please refrain from insults (especially when geared towards innocent babies) when arguing a point. That annoys me a lot more than hearing an f-bomb during Law and Order.

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