Iowa rules.

So. Yeah. Despite the craziness that’s been going down since getting here on Thursday, Iowa pretty much rules. In fact, I’m staying another day (thus putting my fish in peril, which I’m actually conflicted about) because I just can’t bear to part with it yet. (And I’m too sleep-deprived to drive 12 hours.)

I haven’t spent any summertime in Iowa for three years, which is probably why I’m in total awe of everything–I forgot how pretty it all is. AND we’ve had perfect weather (low 80s, 0% humidity…y’all midwesterners know how rare that is). I’ll have pictures to share soon, but I’ve been keeping a mental tally of all the cool stuff I’ve been digging about Iowa:

  • Green! Everything is so green and lush and pretty here.
  • Lightning bugs. There are no such things in Colorado.
  • Birds. It sounds cheesy, but we don’t have the kind of crazy looking birds in Colorado that we do in Iowa. Sure don’t see Mr. Goldfinch in Denver.
  • Other critters. The birds are cool but I can’t get enough of the ground squirrels. They’re sort of tough on the lawn, but they’re impossibly cute.
  • Music. There’s a bell tower on campus, and someone treks all the way up there to play the bells in the summer. Awesome.
  • People. Everyone’s so nice. I ran into my 2nd grade teacher at lunch today and we both recognized each other immediately.
  • Cheap beer. ‘Nuff said.
  • Clean air. I wish I could bottle the smell of the air and bring it with me.

Of course, there are a couple things I don’t like. Those things include:

  • Smoking in bars. (Puke)
  • Mosquitos. I totally forgot how bad bug bites suck. (Pun wholly intended.)

So, yeah. Iowa rules, and it will pain me to leave here. More soon, compadres.


6 responses to “Iowa rules.

  1. low 80s, no humidity? are you sure you’re in iowa?
    YEY! you’re making me even MORE excited for my trip home on Wednesday! 🙂 travel safe now…

  2. Haha. Unfortunately I think it’s gonna get hot again tomorrow. I’m leaving just in time! 🙂 Be safe and have fun!

  3. what about sue fletcher? she’s not awesome?

  4. I had a great time with Sue Fletcher, actually. Learned lots of fun facts about her son… 😉

  5. You’re making me miss the midwest. Minnesota isn’t Iowa, but it’s a lot more Iowa than it is Colorado.

  6. I hear you, Peter. Saw lots of Minn. plates as I was driving to and fro–thought of you.

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