I will bite your torso.

I enjoyed this tasty morsel today. It should be played before all movies, and a spotlight should be shown upon those who brought their babies to the movie theatre. They don’t watch this, afterall.


Oh. Forgot to post this gem earlier. I just love picturing the inmates practicing their part every day during their hour of free time. And imagining how the whole hierarchy of things worked itself out is great as well. How’d that guy get the lead? Did the transsexual have to beat out 10 others just like him? These are questions I need answers for. If someone could get in touch with this Filipino prison and ask, that’d be great.

[Jam of the Day]: Editors, An End Has A Start


4 responses to “I will bite your torso.

  1. I was slightly freaked out by this when James showed me… or a lot freaked out. But yeah, how on earth did they ‘practice’… I can only image what that was like.

  2. Yeah…I’d say this has a creep factor of 9. I would give it a 10, but the balding female lead sorta makes me laugh.

  3. That jail doesn’t seem so bad. Everyone dances extremly well, plus that young attractive lady looked like she would be fun to hangout with.

  4. True. I mean, any prison that lets you have a dance party can’t be that bad, right?

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