New Music Tuesday: Midlake

A friend and colleague passed me a copy of Midlake’s, The Trials of VanOccupanther this morning, and I’ve been digging it. It reminds me a bit of Fleetwood Mac, like What Made Milwaukee Famous hinted on the Cars. (Heh, both bands hail from Texas.)

Do check them out. And come see them with me at the Bluebird Theatre in Denver on October 2nd. I promise to be exhausted from a trip out east, but I suspect I’ll have time to nap before the show. I also suspect these guys will be pretty H to see live. Hehe.

Official | YouTube| Myspace


4 responses to “New Music Tuesday: Midlake

  1. There ya go! Those guys live in little Denton, like I did until a couple years ago. Couple of ’em make for some good booze partners, AND they’re badass. Good combo.

  2. Haha–thought you’d like this, Paul.

    And, so, what you’re saying here is, you can get me backstage? 😉

  3. maybe so, remind me when it gets closer!

  4. I like it! Those guys live about 1 hour from me! I’ll be watching them at ACL (Austin City Limits) in September. I’ll let you know how that goes….and about those back-stage passes…Sounds like you’re doing good, hope all is well.

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