Shit done blown up.

Technology has not been kind to me today. My work computer was a friggin’ sloth all day, and then when I got home, my laptop freaked out, apparently having been slimed, or puked on by Ecto Cooler.

While the laptop mellowed out, I went down and hit the elliptical, during which time my iPod hopelessly froze up. I’ve tried every damn thing to unfreeze and restore it, but it’s still sitting here next to me, three hours later, all a-damn-glow.

And just as I was about to resign myself for the night, my cell phone rang and the shiny lightbox on the front of my phone indicated that it was my good friend James. Oh God, I thought. Something drastic has happened.

It wasn’t quite the emergency room horror I was expecting (this is why D calls me a fatalist), but rather he and Kristi were concerned that maybe, just maybe, things were seriously awry over here at the bachelorette** pad.

“Your blog keeps puking up all this old stuff from like 2003,” he said. “Kristi just read an old blog post about your lost mitten and finding some holiday ass for your roommate.”

Oh, the humanity.

I don’t know what is going on with the blog, but this is the first time I’ve touched it all night. In fact, I thought I hid those damn archives like a month ago.

SO. If things are looking askew ’round here, I apologize. I’m gonna close up shop now and run about 80 virus scans. And so the Nancy Drew mysteries continue at the apartment. The odd story of the partially eaten Ethel Merman may be forthcoming, should nothing else break.

**I’m pretty pissed that bachelorette has yet to make it into the dictionaries of Firefox and Microsoft Word, giving me all that red squiggly line biz. I’m not trying to get all Andrea Dworkin on everyone, but seriously, WOMEN CAN BE SINGLE AND PRETTY AND SELF-SUFFICIENT AND STUFF. AND NOT SHREW-LIKE. That is all.

[Jam of the Day]: Peter, Bjorn and John, Let’s Call It Off


3 responses to “Shit done blown up.

  1. haha! Sorry to alarm you last night, but glad to see your blog is back to normal! I was a little confused by the random mitten post, and then James was like “it says 2003!”… so weird. Kept refreshing… and every time it brought up a new post from 2003 or 2004. Anyhoo – hopefully the rest of your equipment is up and running this morning 🙂 Happy Friday!

  2. I’d be interested in ready some of those old posts. Are they around?

  3. K: Yeeeeah. I’m glad things have straightened out. It was like creep city by the time y’all called last night. The string of crazy and random incidents was starting to make me freak!

    P: The old posts ARE around. All of them since November ’03. You could’ve read them when I was on Blogger; they were all in the sidebar. I hid them; but they’re around if you can find ’em. But trust me, only a handful are worth reading. Maybe, for fun, I should post one vintage post per week or something. I’ll think about it. 🙂

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