New Music Tuesday: Lots ‘O Goodies Edition

Christmas came in the mail yesterday, and between those goodies, my own findings, and exploring the YouTube, I can’t just pick one thing to recommend. So here’s a handful of stuff you should check out if you haven’t yet done so.

First, if you haven’t been listening to The Blow by now, I’m assuming you’re existing in a land with no intarweb connection and you’re one of the five people who read this blog by requesting a transcript.

I renewed my vigor for The Blow this afternoon when my friend Peter D. suggested that I take a gander for The Blow on YouTube. It was then that I discovered that Khaela is (a) friggin’ hilarious, and (b) more talented than I originally thought. Just check out this live performance of “Hey Boy” [one of my faves] in London. Awewsome. (Or if you just want to check out her sweet moves, click here.) I need to meet Khaela and make her my friend.

Hmm. If I continue this way, I’ll be here all night. I’ll just cut to the links.

Youth Group. Being slightly sad never felt so happy.

The Cardigans. Yep, they’re back, and aged to perfection. Or something.

Of Montreal. The crazy bastards have a new album and the gettin’ is good.

Bonnie “Prince” Billy. If you like Elliot Smith, you should enjoy this.

Appleseed Cast. Not that those dicks at Apple or Pitchfork know everything…but there’s a reason two of their albums are reppin’ some good crit.

St. Vincent. If you’re down with Feist, you’ll be down with this. St. V is also opening for The National in Denver next month. Yes; it will be H.

Matt Pond PA. Party of Five would have destroyed this group’s career. I can just see a drunken Bailey looking after Sarah as she leaves his crappy apartment, with “This Is Montreal” playing in the background. Whew. Good thing that show’s fini.

Okay. Better stop for now. Gotta save something for next week.

What are YOUR new (or old) music picks?

[Jam of the Day]: The Blow, Hey Boy


2 responses to “New Music Tuesday: Lots ‘O Goodies Edition

  1. I’m glad you know of and heartily recommend the Appleseed Cast. Quality music.

    To anyone interested in yet another group, give Explosions in the Sky a listen. They (oddly) are featured throughout the movie Friday Night Lights. Epic, instrumental loveliness.

  2. Ooh, good pick. I’m glad you introduced me to Explosions In The Sky. Thank goodness for our NMTs.

    Anyone else?

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