Young and Alive

I took a break from my existential crisis** tonight and cruised across town to dote on Ewan, the new bundle of my good friends, Sean and Brandy. When I spoke with Brandy earlier today, she confessed that he was handsome, adding, “Really, if he wasn’t, I’d be able to tell.” And handsome he is. As his dad says, “This kid’s going to get so much ass.” Who says a baby changes everything? 😉

I was holding him tonight, thinking, “Hey, pal. Despite the circumcision, which had to suck, live this up. You’re having the best time of your life, right now.”

But in that same instant I realized that no statement could be more to the contrary. Even the hard times would give way to the best things in his life. What an exciting, invigorating feeling.

Oh, sweet perspective, I’m happy to see you again. Thanks for having a baby, you guys. 🙂

**More forthcoming.

[Jam of the Day]: The Cardigans, In The Round


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