Hey, Jealousy

So pretty much all y’all know that D has been working away in Brussels for the last couple of months. And that because he’s been working his tail off, he’s had little time to do the super cool stuff.

Until today.

D is currently rocking at Pukkelpop, Belgium’s 22-year old music festival. The festival has grown in popularity each year and has been hosting quite the talent. Today, D is seeing some stellar performances by:

The Shins
The Streets
LCD Soundsystem
Nine Inch Nails (oh yeah!)
The Whitest Boy Alive

That last one made me shriek with delight/jealousy yesterday as I was filling up my car. I would do just about anything to see The Whitest Boy Alive, though I suspect that claim will be in vain because they don’t play U.S. shows. Oh, how it hurts. It hurts so good.

Hopefully D gets some kickin’ photos so as squeeze the proverbial lemon juice in the paper cut.

[Jam of the Day]: The Whitest Boy Alive, Burning (Click that link; it’s a good live clip!)

UPDATE: Just got a text from D who’s currently watching WBA perform. It’s confirmed that they rule. And that, “Europeans clap like none other.”


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