Mission Accomplished?

Today I had the overwhelming desire to act exactly in accordance to how I felt, in any given moment.

If I didn’t feel like making small talk in the kitchen with the King Dick of our IT department, I made coffee silently and left.

If I didn’t think a joke was funny, I didn’t offer a courtesy laugh.

If I felt like yelling the f word as loud as I could in the driver’s seat of my car, I shouted it at the dome light.

If I didn’t feel like making a huge deal of the office birthday belonging to that of my waning friend, I didn’t dote and shower her with gifts.

But when I later got the vibe that she was pissed at me for my lack of interest, I caved and sent her an eCard. It was a simple, static design that read:

“Happy Birthday to someone I can tolerate.”

Based on her lack of response as of 10p, I’m guessing the selection didn’t go over well. So I guess it’s back to doing things I don’t feel like tomorrow.


2 responses to “Mission Accomplished?

  1. Nah, keep doing what you feel like. Honesty will weed the shallow people out of your life. A little bit of tact mixed in will prevent your favorite from following.

    But yeah, I know what you mean.

  2. Well put, Peter. Tact is key.

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