I’m totally exhausted, but I thought I’d try to dig up some interesting morsel for you before passing out at 9p, MST.

That morsel is something I found something over at Innocent Bystanders. Apparently scientists have discovered that bras, even good ones, don’t support bouncing breasts.

The comments are many and, um, interesting. For this evening, I leave you to ponder Sticky B’s response:

Two words I never thought I’d see together: Breast biomechanics

When my daugter [sic] ran HS track a couple of years back, a couple of the better looki………heavier breasted girls wrapped theirs with Ace bandages and then covered that with duct tape before practice and meets. I would google “duct tape bras” but I really need to get some sleep tonight.
(Emphasis mine)

Sigh. People are dumb. I’m not going to think about them for eight hours or so.


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