SatC :: The Movie :: The Spoilers

Sex and the City is one of my guiltiest pleasures, and if it’s one of yours, you’re probably somewhat excited for the movie to come out.

Of course, if you can’t wait and are dying to know what happens, I came across some spoilers today. I thought maybe I could read them and feel okay about it, but I read half of one line and had to close out my browser.

But if you have more cajones than I do, read all about it here.


4 responses to “SatC :: The Movie :: The Spoilers

  1. I can’t do it. Are the spoilers real? I’m kind of scared to see the movie – I am afraid it will ruin the greatness of SATC. (I’m still gonna see it though!)

  2. I think they’re real. Based on the part I glimpsed, someone caught part of the filming while they were in NYC. I suppose it’s tough to keep some things secret, especially when it comes to, um, physical transformations and such.

    I better have D add that to the TiVo schedule. 🙂

  3. PHYSICAL TRANSFORMATIONS! TMI! It will be hard to ignore speculation in the tabloids especially since I like to believe everything I read 🙂

    I watch the reruns at night when I am trying to fall asleep and last night was the episode where Big moves to Napa and he leaves Carrie the record and the plane tickets in his empty apartment… one of my fav’s!

  4. Haha, dang it, I was trying to put it opaquely.

    I’ve been Netflixing some old discs from seasons 1 & 2…I just watched the one where Big goes to Paris and they break up. I’m going to have to watch the one you mentioned soon…it’s so great.

    I’m also watching Northern Exposure reruns on PBS every night—I don’t know if you remember, but Aidan is in it. Blast from the past!

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