Welcome Back, Tori?

Sigh. I was pretty proud of myself for recognizing Bayside alumni, Tori Scott, in the new Pizza Hut ad. I always wondered what happened to Tori, what with the whole conundrum on Saved By The Bell.


But after further research, I’ve come to learn that it might not be Tori Scott (ahem, Leanna Creel) in the new Pizza Hut spot, but possibly one of her sisters (identical triplets!).

So after 15 minutes on the Saved By The Bell forum, I’ve come to two conclusions:

1. I need to get to the bottom of the identity issue
2. It’s time for a Saved By The Bell reunion

I probably need to get a life…but it’s not like you wouldn’t tune in to watch those kids middle-aged adults get together again. Only this time they’d be teasing Jessie about becoming a stripper (versus her addiction to caffeine pills) and Screech about how his sex tape didn’t sell (versus not being able to get a date). That’s the making of good television right there.


4 responses to “Welcome Back, Tori?

  1. Leanna actually owns a photography company in SoCal. I saw her studio a few years ago…crazy stuff.

  2. If there is a SBTB reunion – I am sooooo there!!! Really though, identical triplets? Thats nuts!

  3. Tori and her sisters actually appeared in a movie together in the 90’s. It was a modern day, parent trap, sequel-ish type movie. Talk about needing to get a life….

  4. Hey SBtB fans! Your comments make me happy!

    Cass: Any reunion show must be watched on the plasma screen. Just sayin.

    Anon: You are a lucky, lucky person. Does she still wear the leather jacket? 🙂

    LP: I actually remember that movie: Parent Trap III. Oh, yes. Because mucking up the original with that god-awful sequel wasn’t enough. (However, the one starring a young Lindsay Lohan wasn’t horrible.)

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