NMT: The Lucksmiths

Okay, so the Lucksmiths aren’t exactly new. The Aussie pop group formed in 1993 and have released eight albums, including their 2-disc 2007 release: Spring A Leak.

I haven’t blogged about or shared with you any tunes by the Lucksmiths because I love them that much. And given the penchant for today’s indie music to go grossly commercial, I guess I was trying to hold on to the dream a short while longer. Mea culpa.

But after seeing them live in a rare U.S. appearance last month in D.C., my love for the band has been reemerged and I can’t stop thinking about their awesomeness.

And here’s why:

1. The tunes are largely upbeat and infectious—you can’t help but smile and bounce around.

2. The lyrics are brilliant and quite profound, a surprise given the poor lyrical standards of the pop genre.

3. The lead singer is also the drummer. Who pounds the hell out of the drums standing up, at the front of the stage. It’s different. It’s mesmerizing.

4. They’re not hard on the eyes. Sorry, but it’s true. Not like the boys from The National, whose mugs might make you want to reach for the light switch.

5. They’re friendly. At the D.C. show, D encountered lead singer (and percussionist) Tali White at the bar, who was frustrated about the lack of service. “I don’t think she knows who I am,” he said, nodding to the bartender. D, smart cookie that he is, said, “Tell you what, mate. I’ll buy you guys a round if you dedicate the song Fiction to my girlfriend, Megan.” (Fiction is one of my all-time favorite songs, for not-so-obvious reasons I guess, and, for those who haven’t heard it, is about a girl at a summer BBQ who had a “typewritten tattoo” that read “fiction” on her arm.)

White turned to D incredulously, shook him by the shoulders and said, “You’re never going to believe this! The girl we wrote that song about is here, so we have to dedicate it to her. Otherwise, I totally would.”

In sum, the Lucksmiths rule. And I owe my love for them to my good friend Mark who introduced me to them some months ago. And now, I introduce them to you. Finally. And I’m confident you won’t be let down by this recommendation.

[Jam of the Day]: The Lucksmiths, Fiction

[Bonus material]:
A few photos from the D.C. show on my Flickr page
One of six videos taken at the show
Another great live performance (better audio!)


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