Oh, Regret, Thou Art a Heartless Bitch

After I finished college, I worked at my puke job for a few more months before moving to Denver to start a writing career, leaving my French by the wayside.

After my friend Kelsy finished college, she moved to Paris. That was a few years ago, and she’s still there, working and going to school. Yes, a girl younger than I that learned French right before she moved (as opposed to my eight years of study), now speaks more fluently than I do.

I may not be anywhere near the city of light, but thankfully Kelsy has started chronicling her life as an ex-pat, or at least more regularly. I’ve come to appreciate living vicariously through her, because while I regret not having my own Parisian adventure (outside of student exchange), I’m pretty satisfied to have started the career I have.

If you feel anything like me and need to live vicariously from time to time, check out her blog. And, while your traveling virtually, stop by Laura On Ice. Laura is the sister of my friend James, and she’s currently living and working in Antarctica. It’s riveting stuff, I say.

Add both of these links to your feed reader to keep yourself from checking the sites 15 time a day for updates. Trust me, you’ll drive yourself crazy. 🙂

[Jam of the Day]: St. Vincent, Paris is Burning


5 responses to “Oh, Regret, Thou Art a Heartless Bitch

  1. Give me a ring so we can catch up- I don’t have your number. -Martin-

  2. I don’t have YOUR phone number. 😦 Do you actually check that email address? I’ll email it to you and we can catch up. It’s seriously been too long.

  3. Love the title 🙂 I’m completely envious of her and want to be that person that can just up and do something like that. Ugh 🙂

  4. hey lil’ meg, thanks for the shout out! it’s funny, i read your blog from time to time so i feel like i sort of know what’s going on with you, when in actuality i have no idea. oh, losing touch… i’ll email you soon, and you should probably think about losing the slacks and expatriating to paris. or just coming to visit.


  5. Kels! Thanks stopping by—and for the reading material. It makes me happy to read. Also happy to hear that you’re no longer having to deal with the childrens on a daily basis.

    A visit shall occur in the not-so-distant future, for which I am very excited. Holler anytime. I sometimes get snarky SHS updates that are fun to share. (“So I says to her, I says…”)


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